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Victorville Business Formation Lawyer

Forming a successful business requires a lot more than just a good idea. In fact, having a great idea for a new product, service or idea is just the beginning. You will need to face a number of legal, financial and logistical challenges before your business is up and running.

At the Law Office of Debra S. Popineau, Esq., we help clients through every stage of forming their new businesses. Victorville business formation attorney Debra S. Popineau has more than 30 years of legal experience, and our entire team shares a firm commitment to working with clients on an individual level to help them reach their unique business goals.

LLC Formation And Other Business Entity Types

We have helped all types of companies through the process of forming new businesses, from online spice mix sales to brokerage companies and hotel management concerns. Our legal team can help you determine the proper type of business model to obtain your business objectives:

  • For-profit corporations: There are a number of for-profit options, including a limited liability company (LLC), a limited liability partnership (LLP), general partnerships, sole proprietorships, professional corporations, and general corporations ("S" or "C"), etc. We will help you understand the benefits and potential pitfalls of these entity choices as they relate to your overall business and personal goals.
  • Nonprofit organization: We can help you file with the California Secretary of State as a not-for-profit corporation or association, with the Internal Revenue Service as an Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3) entity and with the California Franchise Tax Board as a California Revenue and Taxation Code Section 23701d not-for-profit organization. Then we will work with you to understand how to retain your nonprofit status.
  • Hybrid organizational structures: There are a number of organizational models to work with that allow an organization to establish a working ethos that balances the goals of profit with public benefit purposes. Benefit corporations (or "B-Corps") and flexible purpose corporations are examples, and the L3C is a model that will hopefully be available in California soon. These hybrid corporate models are important legal advances for businesses interested in environmental efficiency and other public causes.

Personally Tailored Legal Counsel

No two businesses are the same. At the Law Office of Debra S. Popineau, Esq., we work with each client to handle the issues unique to each different business type. We help handle the licensure issues for various professional organizations like medical and dental businesses, handle various employment and liability issues for companies employing a sizeable workforce, and provide counsel regarding the various tax issues that can arise for different business types.

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