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Apple Valley Trusts Attorney

Efficient Asset Transfer

A trust is an important estate planning instrument to avoid a probate court, estate taxes and, when used with financial POAs, avoid a conservatorship. There are a number of pitfalls and dangers associated with creating a comprehensive estate plan with trusts and other complex instruments.

At the Law Office of Debra S. Popineau, Esq., we represent clients throughout the High Desert area of California, providing a range of estate planning services, including the establishment and administration of trusts. Apple Valley trust lawyer Debra S. Popineau has more than 30 years of legal experience and our firm shares a strong commitment to providing cost-effective, efficient and personalized legal service.

Drafting And Administering Trusts In The Victor Valley

We will work with you to determine your overall estate planning goals and establish the appropriate trust documents, which can include revocable and irrevocable trusts, living trusts, special needs trusts and a variety of other trusts that can allow you to:

  • Retain greater control in the transfer of assets: With a trust, you can determine when, how and under what conditions your assets are transferred. For example, you can create a trust that transfers assets to a beneficiary after a certain date or after certain goals (like graduating from college), or you can transfer assets to be used only for certain specified purposes.
  • Avoid probate: When a will and the established trusts work together to provide for all of the contingencies of an estate, the probate court does not need to claim oversight in the process, allowing the estate to pass through without the lengthy and expensive probate process.
  • Avoid a conservatorship: A conservatorship is a court-ordered proceeding in which the court appoints a person to take care of your personal and/or financial needs. It is extremely expensive, time-consuming and intrusive for everyone involved, and should be avoided if at all possible. Except in certain extreme case, if you have taken care of your long-term financial and personal needs, the court will not need to take this type of oversight.

At the Law Office of Debra S. Popineau, Esq., we will help you create a comprehensive estate plan that includes trusts, advance directives and powers of attorney so you can avoid a Probate Court Decedent's Estate Proceeding and a conservatorship.

Trust Administration

We also work with trustees to make sure the trust is administered smoothly, so as to avoid a decedent's estate petition in the Probate Court and Probate Court Trust Litigation (if possible).

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